LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Superheroes complete with capes scaled Norton Children's Hospital on Monday.

A team of window washers from Pro Clean International dressed in costumes to wash the windows of the hospital. From the outside on Chestnut Street, you could see four superheroes including Superman, Iron Man, Captain America and Deadpool descending on wires from the roof.

The team surprised patients several stories up with waves and smiles.

"As word spreads around here there's a buzz in the facility," said Emmett Ramser chief administrative officer of Norton Children's Hospital.

The annual event has become something the guys in ties from Pro Clean International look forward to. Joe Haist, CEO of the company leads the team of superheroes who fight grime, not crime and bring smiles and clean windows to the hospital.

"The cool thing about our job is we are in the glass front and center, and we're able to stare at these kids smiles and their faces and see the actual effect we have with the parents it's really a beautiful moment," said Haist.

The window cleaners climb to the top of the downtown hospital and suit up, transforming into a team of caped crusaders before lowering themselves down the side of the building. They catch the attention of the people beyond the glass and down below.

"When they see us coming back towards that glass you just see the excitement in their eyes," said Haist.

Captain America traded in his shield for a squeegee and stopped to share a special moment with kids who need a dose of joy, like six year old Isaiah Arellano who had been sick since Friday.

"His face just lit up. Made me think his energy is coming back to normal," said Isaiah's mom, Alycia.

For those doing the cleaning, it's just what the doctor ordered.

"There's this moment where they kind of escape and come out with us and it's imagination collides with reality," said Haist. "We always say we're glad we're wearing masks because it hides our own tears."

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