LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- JCPS is unique in that fact that some school buses pick up students at the bus stop, drive to bus depots where students switch buses and then head to school.

We got on the bus with JCPS Chief Operating Officer Michael Raisor to learn about the process.

"It's primarily for our countywide programs, a magnet school like Manual High School or Brandeis Elementary School. Students come from all over the county to those schools," Raisor said.

Students change buses at depots just like adults catch connecting flights at the airport, Raisor said. 

"A bus goes through your neighborhood and picks kids up who go to multiple schools," Raisor said. "Then, it goes to a central location with other buses that have done the same thing in other neighborhoods."

The central location or depot, many times is just an empty parking lot. It's not a traditional bus compound. The buses form a rectangle with a bus parked at each end. This makes sure kids can switch buses safely.

"Each student has a tag on their backpack that says what bus they should be on, what bus they are coming on and then their home address," Raisor said.

Depots save the district money, make busing more efficient and give students a unique opportunity, Raisor said. 

"It benefits our students and families by providing choice," he added. "If we weren't able to utilize depots, we probably would not be able to provide as many choices to families and especially our magnet schools.

If you have any questions about bus depots, call the JCPS transportation hotline at 502-485-RIDE.

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