UPS jewelry suspects

Pictured: Seven suspects arrested in connection with a theft ring at UPS in Louisville, Ky. (Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Several UPS employees are accused of stealing shipments of jewelry worth nearly $12,000, and police believe when the investigation is done, the total theft may far exceed that.

According to court documents, investigators determined that seven employees were working together to steal Swarovski jewelry during their shifts. Police said some would conceal the jewelry while others made sure to block the view of other employees and dispose of the empty boxes to avoid detection. 

"There had been a series of packages that were turning up in the trash that should not have been in the trash. And more specifically, jewelry boxes with the product missing," said Louisville Metro Police Detective Charlie Roberts. 

The thefts were recorded on surveillance video, according to police. 

"We would watch on the surveillance video that they would take a box after fidgeting around for a while then take paper, cover it over the package,  and then wrap it up in tape and then throw it in the trash can underneath their desk," Roberts told WDRB News. 

Police said the value of the stolen jewelry is $11,805, but the actual total "is expected to exceed far beyond that." 

"That number came from packages that were found. Merchandise boxes that were found in the trash so the value of those," Roberts said. 

The value of the stolen jewelry could be more than $20,000 because some of the jewelry boxes are unaccounted for. 

The following people have been arrested in the case:

  • Aleman Napoles, 49
  • Jose Lavin Torres, 44
  • Adianez Herrera, 49
  • Leonel Ruiz Pavo, 31
  • Yanelis Castro, 39
  • Esther Gonzales, 31
  • Alixbex Galvon Herrera, 45

They're all charged with engaging in organized crime. Herrera also faces a charge of tampering with physical evidence after police said she tried to toss a piece of jewelry as she was being escorted from the property by a UPS employee. 

The suspects appeared in arraignment court Tuesday morning.

They were ordered to have no contact with each other or UPS. 

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