Louisville startup MailHaven protects your packages from weather and thieves

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Someone could walk up to your door and swipe your package from your porch in just seconds. WDRB has covered several stories about packages being stolen, especially around the holidays.

"This is a problem. I believe we could solve it,”  said MailHaven CEO and co-founder Kela Ivonye.

Ivonye says MailHaven can keep your packages safe from weather, animals, thieves and missed deliveries.

“It's locked. It's safe, and there's an electronic record for this,” Ivonye said. “[The delivery person] just walks up to MailHaven. Every package has a tracking code on it. So you just scan the tracking code on the MailHaven, which has a barcode scanner. It authenticates [the package is] meant for that house, and it's out for delivery, and it opens up, and they can deposit it.”

The delivery is tracked on the MailHaven App. The app provides a special email address to use for all your online shopping. Then, it keeps track of all your packages from start to finish, and the MailHaven box alerts your app when it's delivered. The box locks, and only the owner can open it.  

“Especially during the holiday season, where you might shop at 20 different retailers and have several things coming, we'll help you organize that. We are your shopping assistant,” Ivonye said.

This startup is in its beginning stages of development, but it has already received the Hot and Fast Innovation Award from Greater Louisville Inc. and a Vogt Award for $25,000.

The company chose Louisville as its headquarters because it's a hub for logistics. MailHaven is designed and manufactured locally in Louisville.

Right now, you can pre-order a MailHaven box, and it will be installed at your house in time for holiday shopping. A pre-ordered box costs $500, but the user will get a free updated box when the new prototype is released and there is no monthly payment.

If you order MailHaven once the box is released, the initial cost is less than $100 and there is a charge of $10 dollars each month.

To place an order, click here.

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