LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews are busy keeping the runways at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport clear of snow and ice.

The airport has two snow teams that work 12-hour shifts. The first crew reported to work Sunday night.

The airport recently invested in more snow removal vehicles that are each equipped with a 24-foot plow on the front, a 22-foot broom and a 400 mile-per-hour air blaster.

That new equipment cut the time it takes to clear a runway in half from 45 minutes to just 20 minutes.

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Darrell Watson, vice president of strategy for the airport, says it's critical to be able to clear the runways quickly for both the passenger airlines, as well as for UPS, which, in addition to its normal logistics operations, is playing a critical role in vaccine distribution.

The airport has already experienced some flight delays Monday morning, so travelers are advised to keep a close eye on their flight status.

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