LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The United States Army is using video games like "Call of Duty" to get young Americans to answer the call of duty.

The Army's newest recruiting tool is a trailer, which is decked out with gaming chairs and TVs. The Army hopes its trailer will attract its target demographic to come inside, play the games and talk with a recruiter about a possible career in the military. 

Those behind the trailer idea said a lot of the skills you need for combat video games are transferable to the real thing.

"Some of those attributes would obviously be hand-eye coordination," said Sgt. Christopher Jones, an esports manager in the U.S. Army. "You also have critical-thinking skills and teamwork, discipline, some of those types of things that, in order to take these type of very complex games and take them to the height of their efficacy, is definitely something we are looking at." 

The Army has been taking the esports trailer to high schools and events around the country.

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