LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews in Jeffersonville are continuing to clean up debris and assess damage after a house exploded in the Capitol Hills neighborhood early Sunday morning. 

The Jeffersonville Police and Fire Departments responded around 5 a.m. Sunday after the blast leveled a home in the 900 block of Assembly Road, according to Jeffersonville Det. Lt. Isaac Parker. One person was killed in the blast, and two others were taken to the hospital. Their names have not been released, but we're told one person was released Sunday afternoon. 

At least 12 to 15 other homes were damaged in the explosion. 

On Monday, officials from the building commissioner's office continued surveying the damage the explosion caused, but there's still no official word on what caused it. 

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore stopped by the Capitol Hills neighborhood for the first time since Sunday.

"I've seen houses come down before, but I've never seen foundations broken apart like what I just saw over there," Moore said.

The fire department said in an update Sunday afternoon that it has "ruled out any possibility of a meth lab" as a cause of the explosion. 

Officials with the Jeffersonville Fire Department said Monday morning that crews were able clean up debris from the home that was demolished but have not been able to clear rubble from other areas in the neighborhood because of the ongoing investigation.

Vectren, one of the utilities that provides gas and electric service in the area, is taking part in the the investigation and has cut service to 14 homes in the area while officials try to determine what caused the explosion.

Although officials with the Jeffersonville Fire Department didn't confirm natural gas as the cause of the explosion, they said it is a real possibility. 

Those who live close to the explosion think gas is the cause, although officials haven't confirmed. 

Wayne Woods, who lives across the street from where the house exploded, said this may be the culmination of an ongoing gas issue. Woods said he has paid an average of $20 or so since he's lived in the neighborhood, but that suddenly changed as of late.

"My bill has spiked to $40, $50, $60, and I started calling them, telling them, 'You might want to come out here and check for a leak,'" Woods said. "Nobody ever showed up at my house to check for a leak."

Woods said that he thinks Vectren is responsible for the disaster. The gas company has yet to release a statement despite their involvement in the investigation.

"Gas can be very, very dangerous," Moore said. "That's a perfect example of what can happen from an explosion like that."

Eight homes around the site of the explosion have been deemed unlivable, and Vectren has placed those families in hotels.

According to city officials, Vectren has checked all gas lines in the neighborhood to make sure they're safe.

"It's awful funny they were all over my house checking for a leak after a man dies," Woods said of Vectren.

Anyone in the neighborhood who sees, hears or smells anything out of the ordinary that could be gas should call 911 immediately.

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