(FOX NEWS) -- Q is on it. Aston Martin is currently in development of 25 recreations of the iconic DB5 featured in the James Bond film, "Goldfinger," gadgets included.

The automaker has revealed a behind the scenes look at some of the technology it is working on to recreate the cinematic experience in each brand new car.

According to Fox News, the silver coupes will be equipped with functional smoke screen generators, simulated oil slick spreaders that spray water and recoiling machine gun barrels that emerge from the front corner lights and feature illuminated flashing tips.

Additional features include rotating license plates, extendable battering rams, and a bulletproof shield for the rear window along with an era-appropriate radar screen, door-mounted telephone and an ejector seat button hidden in the gearshift lever, but not the actual seat … as far as has been made public.

The handmade cars are being sold for the equivalent of roughly $3.5 million each. Yes, that’s a lot, but also something of a bargain compared to the only known existing car from the film, which was auctioned for $4.6 million in 2010 and is surely worth much more today. A second car used for production, the one equipped with the special effects, was stolen from a hangar at the Boca Raton airport in 1997 and its whereabouts remain unknown.

In a survey conducted by Hyundai last year, Brits named the DB5 their favorite movie car of all time. Unfortunately, unlike the authentic example, the replicas aren’t street legal, so you’ll have to have M call in a favor at the DMV if you want to hit the road when deliveries begin in 2020.

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