COVID-19 Testing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The second phase of community testing is about to begin for the University of Louisville's Co-Immunity Project.

Researchers have sent out about 32,000 letters to specific households across Jefferson County requesting participation in the study. If you received one of the letters, you're invited to participate in the project. It requires a quick registration online followed by a COVID-19 test and a simple antibody test.

Results of the COVID-19 test will be available for those people 48-72 hours afterward, and it could be more than a week for antibody results.

The research team at U of L carefully selected those households to accurately gauge the community instead of random selection or seeking volunteers for the study.

Carefully selecting certain demographics helps provide an accurate sample of our community, the project's clinical leader said.

"We can reach all areas of Jefferson County and different racial and ethnic backgrounds and different ages and different biological sexes and make sure we have a good representation of everyone," said Rachel Keith, assistant professor at U of L and leader of the co-immunity project.

Many COVID-19 research projects and testing phases haven't been able to avoid selection bias, which could skew the final data. That's what makes U of L's project unique.

"By selecting a representation of an entire community, it gives us our best chance to actually understand where and who is getting COVID in Jefferson County," Keith said.

This is the second phase of testing the community. The first phase resulted in a fairly accurate representation, Keith said, but far more white females participated than anyone else.

In the first phase, research showed that about 4% of participants tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Researchers believe it will be higher during phase II.

"That's why we're hoping that in this round, we can get more people to participate, understand the project and understand what it could mean for the community," Keith said.

Testing begins Sept. 9 and lasts through Sept. 18.

If you think you received the letter, but either lost it or threw it away, you can retrieve it at

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