Fabao Chen

(Image Courtesy: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have arrested a man that investigators say kidnapped a teenager at a west Louisville Kroger and then threatened him with a BB gun. 

Fabao Chen, 58, was arrested Tuesday at the Double Dragon restaurant on W. Broadway. 

According to an arrest report, it happened around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. That's when police say Chen forcibly took the victim against his will to the restaurant from the nearby Kroger at 27th and Broadway. 

Chen says he is the owner of the restaurant. 

When witnesses at the scene saw what was happening, they tried to intervene according to police. Investigators say that's when Chen pulled out a handgun and aimed it at the witnesses. Chen then pointed the gun at the minor's head and forcibly took the minor to the restaurant.

"The man grabbed him by the arm and pulled a gun out and told him, 'no you be still! You be still!' I was like 'Hey get that gun off of him!'" said Sean Jenkins who recorded the incident on his phone. "So then he turned the gun towards me. And I just said 'Just keep the gun on me, man. Cool? Keep it off the kid.' So then he turned the gun towards me." 

Authorities say once Chen and the teen got to the restaurant parking lot, a large crowd gathered in an effort to make Chen release the teen. Chen then began pointing the gun at the crowd. The Kroger and Double Dragon are about 150 yards apart and separated by a large parking lot. 

Businesses in the area captured the incident on surveillance video.

According to investigators, the handgun, which was recovered by officers at the scene, was found to be a BB gun.

"He was very adamant that nobody was going to intervene in his self justice of the actions of this child and at that point when I realized what was going on I immediately stepped back inside the hair store," said Vickie Forehand from the nearby ReVital shop. 

Chen is charged with kidnapping and three counts of wanton endangerment.

During his initial court appearance Wednesday morning, Chen said through an interpreter, that the teenager had thrown and broken a bottle inside the restaurant earlier in the day. 

Chen was being held at Louisville Metro Corrections.

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