Teachers in Frankfort for sick out 3-14-19

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some Kentucky families have thrown their support behind Kentucky teachers rallying in Frankfort by calling schools to say their children will be out sick along with the teachers.

Schools across the Louisville area were closed for a "sick out" again Thursday as hundreds of teachers headed to Frankfort for a third day this week, and the last day of Kentucky's legislative session.

It was the sixth sick out for Jefferson County Public Schools in two weeks, and many teachers were spending their day protesting in Frankfort for the final day of the legislative session before the veto period.

In a statement, a new group called JCPS Families Sickout says many parents stand with teachers and called schools to say their children would be out sick along with the teachers.

The group claims to be against the same bills as teachers: House Bill 205 and House Bill 525.

Lawmakers say these bills -- one regarding tax credits for private schools and the other that would change the board that oversees teacher pensions -- have next to no chance of becoming law this session.

Other bills the JCPS Families group mentioned included House Bill 358, which gives colleges the option to stop using the Kentucky Retirement System and House Bill 166, which has an amendment requiring school councils to recommend a principal to the superintendent for approval.

Thursday morning, two Hardin County teachers, Joseph Cecil and Chuck Jewell, met up with Governor Matt Bevin and say he explained his view of the pension system, but they're still not happy about it.

"He explained to us the retirement system is like a triangle," said Cecil. "You have all these people at the bottom paying into the system, and at the beginning it was working well -- that you only had a few people up here getting their retirement -- and now it's inverted."

"The analysis says if we just left the funding alone, if we let it be fully funded, it would continue to earn more and more money," Jewell said. "And when I told him that, he said 'Well, you can get statistics and facts and say whatever you want.'"

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