Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin

Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin

SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Scott County sheriff is warning people to be aware of scammers trying to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheriff Jerry Goodin said several residents called his office to report they got suspicious phone calls from people offering to mail them at-home coronavirus test kits. The person on the other end of the phone call asked for money or personal information. Goodin said if you get a call like this, just hang up and report the call to your local law enforcement agency.

“Unfortunately, during trying times like this, there are always people that are going to try and take advantage of people that are scared,” Goodin said. “Anyone who calls you and says they have a test for the coronavirus or they have a cure for the coronavirus, I’m telling you right now, it’s a scam."

Michelle Matern, the Scott County Health Department administrator, said right now you cannot do a COVID-19 test kit at home. They are not currently available in Indiana or Kentucky.

People have to meet certain criteria first in order to be tested since tests are so limited. Medical professionals will ask a set of screening questions and consider if the person fits one of the categories of people approved for testing. According to the Indiana State Department of Health, tests are saved for those with serious symptoms or respiratory issues needing to be hospitalized, people with contact with health care workers or anyone already infected, health care workers, the homeless and anyone inside a jail.

If you do not meet the conditions for testing, but you are experiencing symptoms, Matern said doctors will encourage you to do the same thing they’re telling those testing positive to do: Stay home. She said if your symptoms worsen, and you begin to have trouble breathing, then you need to go to the hospital.

“You do not need a positive test result in order to take the necessary precautions," Matern said. "It’s the unknown that’s causing people fear and causing people to over analyze."

There are different versions of the scam. If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up and report it to your local law enforcement office.

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