Spencerian College moving to a new east end campus

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Spencerian College packs up and moves its students to a new campus. 

The college is moving its medical campus from Dixie Highway in Shively to Dupont Circle.  The new location puts Spencerian College in a healthcare hub near three hospitals and numerous medical offices. 

Students like Eric McPeters say their classes are mostly hands on.  And while lessons are current, he thinks the labs could use an update.

Spencerian College Executive Director Jan Gordon says that's one reason they are making the move, "We're going to have what a hospital has. This new design and new development is going to give them first class equipment to work on and to definitely be work ready when they leave the school."

Classes and offices have been in the same building on Dixie Highway for 25 years. And the nursing department is just down the street. Soon, the school will transplant into a four-story office building in Dupont Circle that's been vacant for a long time. 

The new building is being gutted, and floor plans will be finalized next week.  All of Spencerian's Louisville programs will be able to fit under one roof.  But the school also bought another building close by. 

Updating equipment and consolidating the buildings are major perks for the school. But the students and faculty are excited to be in the heart of a medical area. 

McPeters is looking forward to the move. "When you get assigned for clinicals and things. To have the potential to say i can go across the street for my clinical and be in a Nortons (Women's & Children Hospital) or a Baptist (Health Louisville)." 

Gordon adds, "there are three major hospitals there. There are hundreds of physicians offices, laboratories, many of the places our students will go to work." She says the school says believes putting students close to the places they'll work one day opens doors for more partnerships and opportunities. 

Spencerian plans to start classes at their new campus by next winter. 

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