RAW VIDEO | Jeffersonville High student charged with molesting 2 young girls

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -  Michael Begin faces 20 new child molestation charges. 

The 18-year-old former Jeffersonville High School student was in court Monday morning accused of molesting children between 3 and 7 years of age. 

A judge set a trial date of August and ordered Begin held on a $100,000 full cash bond. 

Begin was already accused of molesting two 6-year-old girls in October, when he was a student at Jeffersonville High School.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said, "These molesting allegations arose from incidents that occurred at the YMCA in Jeffersonville and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Jeffersonville."  

A Greater Clark County Schools spokesperson says Begin was working at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School as part of Jeffersonville High School's Early Childhood Education class, which is why he was at the elementary school.

Information from authorities originally indicated that he was part of the school's Cadet teaching program, but that is a separate class.

Mull says police learned of the accusations on Oct. 17 after a parent reported them school administrators 

At that time Mull charged Begin with two counts of felony molestation, but said more charges were pending as investigators looked into other allegations relating to Begin's job at the Jeffersonville YMCA. 

Mull says more victims came forward after the first two charges were filed. 

"Some of the victims saw the information that was on television through the news reporting after I filed the first two counts and contacted police," Mull said.

Mull didn't rule out filing even more charges. 

"I don't know whether everyone who was a victim and their parents saw those reports, but it's quite possible that some people could see the news conference today and allege that other things occurred. That's certainly within the realm of possibility." 

Mull says he has never prosecuted a molestation case with so many alleged victims.

"I have been a prosecutor since 1999," Mull said. "I can tell you that I have never had one offender victimize 17 children as we do in this case."

He says Begin will face many years in prison, if he is convicted. 


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