Unsolved murders leave Nelson Co. residents afraid

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The murders of a Nelson County mother and daughter and Bardstown Officer Jason Ellis remain unsolved, and residents of the peaceful community say they are living in fear.

It has been two weeks since Kathy and Samantha Netherland were found murdered inside their home near the Botland community almost a year since Officer Ellis was gunned down.

Terry Walsh lives 100 yards from where the Netherlands were killed, and says said she and her husband are carrying guns everywhere they go.

Kentucky State Police say although they have not arrested anyone for the murders, they're getting closer because of a car. Police say surveillance video shows a black Chevy Impala leaving the area shortly after the two were killed.

They're confident that whomever was inside the car had something to do with the murders.

The only problem? Investigators can't get a read on the license plate.

"It's obviously not clear enough for us to see. People get the misconception because they see NCIS and CSI shows on TV and everything that we can pull that up within an hour, but obviously if the video isn't a certain quality or like you said, the angle isn't right, we can't get that plate," said KSP Trooper Jeff Gregory.

And now that the car has been identified, dozens of calls and tips are coming in.

"People call in and talk to us about black Impalas they see on the highways," Gregory said.

WDRB News asked Trooper Gregory if it's believed the people who were in the Impala are still in Nelson County or if they've fled.

"Lots of theories right now. We're looking at a lot of different angles," answered Gregory.

Gregory also explained why the black car is a solid lead in the case.

"Just based on investigations that we did and things we saw on surveillance, we feel strongly that's the car we're looking for that will lead us to the suspects in this murder," Gregory said.

Meanwhile, with the killer on the loose, neighbors are afraid -- and leery about even talking to the media.

They say they aren't sleeping and they're armed and ready for anything just in case the killer returns to the scene of the crime.

"We're coming up on a year for the Ellis anniversary and to have just two weeks ago for another murder to happen in Nelson County where wounds are still open and people are still sensitive, we know it's very hard on them over there," said Gregory said.

Anyone with information should call Kentucky State Police Post 4 in Elizabethtown at 270-766-5078.

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