LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dozens of Louisville Metro Police officers walked out on Mayor Greg Fischer when he appeared during a roll call Wednesday evening at the Fairgrounds, according to a video obtained by WDRB News. 

The video, recorded by an unidentified source, shows a large group of officers walking out of the roll call while Fischer walks over and begins talking to an officer. The video is captioned: "When the mayor walks into a crowd of officers!!!" and includes three blue heart emojis. 

"Proud moment," the source says as they record the scene. "They don't want to hear nothing you have to say, Mr. Mayor. They all got up and left; good for them." 

A LMPD officer, who did not want to be identified, told WDRB News that Fischer was "booed out of the f****** room" when he first arrived at the roll call. 

"He walked in. Everyone turned their backs. Began booing him," the officer said in an email to WDRB news. "He went to the command room. Came back out and walked up to officers sitting and eating. Everyone got up walked away. Booed him out of the room."

In a statement responding to the walkout, Fischer said officers "are frustrated, and some of them expressed that frustration today."

"The men and women of LMPD are putting in long hours," Fischer said in the statement. "They are suffering insults and assaults from people they are working to protect. They are worried for their families and this city. They are frustrated, and some of them expressed that frustration today.

"I absolutely respect that. That doesn’t change my appreciation of the work they are doing, as I’ve expressed time and again," he added. "They have a very difficult job. I hope our residents will embrace our police officers as guardians – I know that’s how the vast, vast majority view their role."

The River City Fraternal Order of Police expressed frustration with Fischer's administration Wednesday in tweets that have since been deleted. In one of the tweets, which were screenshotted and posted to Twitter by Ben Tobin of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the FOP's account said, "Can we fire @louisvillemayor for his incompetency and divisive non-compassionate 'leadership'? Asking for a friend." 

"Maybe @louisvillemayor should put out an RFP to review his corrupt administration that cares about NO ONE in this city," another tweet read. "@louisvillemayor may pretend to be compassionate, but he's allowing good people of all races and neighborhoods to be victimized by violent crimes." 

The River City Fraternal Order of Police has not yet responded to WDRB News' email request for comment. 

The officers' walkout comes hours after Fischer announced a full review of the Louisville Metro Police Department amid seven nights of protests against police brutality throughout the city. 

Metro government has released a request for proposals seeking a independent firm to review the department's bias-free policing, use of force, training and search warrant practices. The latter is a key factor in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, a black woman, at the hands of LMPD officers who raided her apartment while serving a "no-knock" search warrant March 13. 

There is no time frame for the review to be completed, according to the RFP.

Meanwhile, Louisville Metro Council's public safety committee on Wednesday voted unanimously in approving "Breonna's Law," proposed legislation that would regulate "no-knock" warrants. 

Fischer fired LMPD Chief Steve Conrad on Monday after learning that officers did not record body-camera footage of the fatal shooting of David "Ya Ya" McAtee, a black man, during an exchange of gunfire early Monday morning at his west Louisville business. Assistant Chief Robert Schroeder was promoted to chief when Fischer fired Conrad, who had announced plans to retire June 30

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