LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When the light turns green at the intersection of Westport Road and Hurstbourne Parkway, cars driving by almost drown Michael Daniels out.

But if you can't hear him, you still notice him.

"I see him all the time," said Jesse Marshall, who works at a nearby White Castle. 

The long boots, the waist coat and Daniels' voice demand attention. 

"I am America's favorite fighting Frenchman, Marquis de Lafayette," said Daniels, an aspiring actor. 

Lafayette is a character from the musical "Hamilton," a smash hit on Broadway. The street is Daniels' stage. 

"I just had a lot of cars staring at me, smiling and waving at me, singing along with me," he said.

Performing as Lafayette is job No. 3 for the aspiring actor.

"Cheddars, I usually work at nighttime, and Long Johns I work in the morning," Daniels said.

During quarantine, Daniels had two goals, walk more and watch "Hamilton" on Disney+. He decided to blend the two.

"I decided 'Why not?'" he said. "One day I just decided to wear one of my costumes. I'm exercising and I'm having fun doing it."

Performing 'Hamilton' hits, Male High School grad turns street into stage

Michael Daniels performs songs from the musical "Hamilton" on the corner of Westport Road and Hurstbourne Parkway in Louisville, Ky. 

What he didn't anticipate, though, is the kind of impact his performances would have on strangers like Marshall. 

"We're in the bad times, and so you know we need people like that," he said. "So I applaud that guy." 

Daniels is brightening others' days by showing off his skills, spitting rhymes that would make Lin Manuel Miranda proud.

"It just helps me feel good about myself because I'm doing something like making people happy," Daniels said.

Actors are expected to know their audience, and by the looks of it, Daniels gets his. The shot he's taking, on his own version of Broadway, makes the recent Male High School grad feel alive. 

"I just love it," Daniels said.

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