Tim Stark, owner of Wildlife in Need

Tim Stark, owner of Wildlife in Need in Charlestown, Indiana, talks to reporters as law enforcement begins the process of removing animals from his controversial zoo.

CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Wildlife in Need owner Tim Stark, who has two warrants out for his arrest, posted a defiant and profanity-laced video on Facebook early Wednesday morning.

"The reason I'm not in Indiana is because I chose not to go to f****** jail as an innocent man," Stark said. "All they're trying to do is manipulate the judicial system. They have absolutely no f****** proof of anything I've done illegal." 

In the nearly hourlong video, Stark asked for those looking for him to come find him, while adding he is not making any physical threats.

"You can ping my phone. Let's see what you're made of. I'll keep my phone on," Stark said while going live on Facebook.

The latest warrant for Stark's arrest involves charges of battery and intimidation. Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull told WDRB that Stark is accused of grabbing and threatening an Indiana deputy attorney general during an inspection in March.

Stark disagrees.

"I opened the door and I sort of bumped him into it and then said look mother f*****, and I did not touch him and I did not grab him. All I did was bump him and showed him, but the sheriff was standing right f****** there. Had there been any type of assault or battery he had perfect opportunity to pursue it right then," Stark said. 

An earlier arrest warrant alleges that Stark removed animals from the southern Indiana zoo before the state could take custody of them.

Stark said he was asked to crate up some of the animals and put them in a box truck on his neighbor's property.

"They tried to act like I was trying to hide them, and I was like, 'Really?' If I was going to hide them I wouldn't have hid them right by my f****** property," Stark said during a phone call with WDRB. 

Stark said he was on the road, not knowing where he was headed. He said the only animal he has left is his dog.

"It's completely destroyed me. I mean they took my entire family away from me," he said. 

Stark said his animals were unlawfully taken away from him and he will continue to fight. 

"I will die for what I believe in," Stark said. 

WDRB reached out to the Indiana Attorney General's office Wednesday, but did not immediately hear back.

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