LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police said no charges are expected after a 3-year-old boy was mauled to death by two family dogs in the Newburg neighborhood.

The attack took place shortly before 9 a.m. in the 4800 block of Brenda Drive, a subdivision behind Thomas Jefferson Middle School, LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell said.

Police said the boy was attacked in the backyard by rottweilers that were owned by the family. However, neighbors said the dogs hadn’t been living at the home for very long and stayed fenced in the backyard. 

Those two rottweilers were immediately removed from the home when Louisville Metro Animal Services arrived on scene. LMAS says the dogs will be quarantined at the shelter for a mandatory 10 days before they can be euthanized, but offered no other comment at this time "out of respect for the victim and the grieving family."

It was an emotional scene, with at least one person heard crying. EMS was dispatched to the location, but no one was transported.

"It's a very devastating thing that's happened here, and obviously, our prayers go out to the family of this child," Mitchell said.

Neighbors said they saw the 3-year-old often, describing him as playful and energetic. 

"Little Steven, he was just a beautiful little boy," said Sylvia Turner, who lived nearby. "Great spirit. He was fun, and he always waved. His little sister and him got to say 'Hi neighbors!' So whenever they seen us, that's what they would say."

Another woman who lives in the neighborhood who's friends with the boy’s aunt said it was a devastating scene.  

"It breaks everybody's hearts when you see all the family out here," Briana Dillon said. “It breaks people's hearts, even the people that don't know the family. It's very devastating for a child to lose their life."

Neighbors hope this serves as a reminder to keep kids protected from certain breeds of dogs. 

"All you mothers out there — mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, anybody out there that's got these wild dogs that you don't think will ever touch your child — please think again,” said Turner’s sister, Sherri.  “You can't take that back. You can't.”

A spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Animal Services said the agency has representatives on the scene, but she deferred all other questions to LMPD. 

The LMPD Homicide Unit is investigating.

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