Silent Disco

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Monnik Beer Co. may have the quietest New Year's Eve party in town.

Louisville Silent Disco will provide the entertainment for the evening.

Guests where headphones and dance to one of 3 songs playing at the time.

According to Wikipedia, the concept was featured in a 1967 Japanese science fiction story, The Summer of 1993.

The title character attends a party where everyone wears headphones.

The idea was later used by eco-activists in the early 1990s during outdoor parties to minimize noise pollution and disturbance to the local wildlife.

Andrew Glibbery of Louisville Silent Disco encountered it at the Bonnaroo music festival in 2011 then started hosting parties with the specialized equipment.

The unique experience is perfect for a New Year's Eve Party at Monnik Beer Co.

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