Grilling ideas at Brownsboro Hardware & Paint

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) — The month of May is filled with cicadas and barbeque in Kentucky and southern Indiana.

The cicada invasion may cause some problems for many homeowners and it's National BBQ Month.

WDRB's Keith Kaiser spent some time with Jim Lehrer from Brownsboro Hardware & Paint to get some ideas to cover both topics.

An infestation of cicadas could destroy your landscape.

You can use a window screen kit to cover small trees and shrubs.

Just create an envelope with the screen by folding it over and stapling it on one side.

Then cover the plant and staple the other side.

Make sure to cinch the bottom.

Choosing the right grill could make grilling easier.

Keep in mind, some condominium and apartment communities only allow electric grills.

Other grills could be used as smokers.

The fuel source for your grill could produce different results.

Flavor infused lump charcoal and wood pellets could take your food to the next level.

Adding soaked flavored wood chips & chunks to gas grills could enhance your bbq.

Most LP gas tanks only last 12 years.

Make sure you check the date the tank was made, usually on the handle.

Mix up your menu and try grilling breakfast on your grill.

To celebrate National BBQ month, Brownsboro Hardware & Paint is hosting a special grilling demonstration event on Saturday, May 29th.

Green Egg and Weber representatives will be at the Louisville location to answer grill questions.

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