Tracy Morgan Fender Bender via Instagram

Image source: Instagram 

(FOX NEWS) -- Tracy Morgan crashed his $2 million supercar in New York City Tuesday, just minutes after buying it, according to a report on Fox News

The former “30 Rock” actor was less than a mile away from the dealership,  when his Bugatti Veyron was sideswiped by another car, The New York Daily News reported.

Morgan collided with a Honda CR-V near 10th Avenue and 42nd street in Manhattan, not far from the Lincoln Tunnel. It is not yet known who was at fault.

Morgan’s publicist told The Patch that he was not harmed in the incident, and images from the scene suggest neither car suffered too much damage.

The Bugatti sales manager at Manhattan Motorcars told the Daily News Morgan had bought the car about 30 minutes before the collision.

The sales manager added that the repair would be "easy."

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