LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Downtown trees are getting a trim, thanks to several companies donating their services.

It's all part of a plan to attract more people to downtown by making it safe, clean, and green.

Workers from Mow Better began trimming trees near the Louisville Visitor Center Thursday morning. More trees all over downtown will be trimmed in the coming weeks.

The "limbing up" project was organized by Public Space Design Consultant Ken Herndon.

"It improves the public landscape," Herndon said. "There's a psychology of public space that if you feel good just standing here, then you're going to come here and stand here and stay here more often. Then, you go into the venues and enjoy what downtown has to offer.

In a written statement, Herndon said "limbing up of older trees accomplishes several goals. By removing lower level limbs that often have grown in to people’s walking paths or into buildings or street lights, we improve the aesthetics of the street trees, promote better, higher, faster growth of the remaining limbs and, because lower limbs are removed, vastly improve sight lines and nighttime street light for a much improved sense of safety."

Blankenship Tree Service, Bob Ray Company, and Waterfront Park will also donate their time and talents to improving the appearance of the Central Business District.

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