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Edgar Goins (LMPD Photo)

LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Edgar Goins drove to work after drinking and performed his duties as a firearms instructor with alcohol in his system, according to a disciplinary letter from Chief Steve Conrad.

Goins was suspended 25 days for violations of the department's alcohol policies, according to the August 30 letter from Conrad, obtained by WDRB News under the Kentucky Open Records Act.

The incident occurred Nov. 8, 2018, and an internal investigation began that same day.  

Police said Goins is now in the department's 8th division. 

Police did not respond to questions about Goins' long-time status as the department's Firearms Training Center Supervisor or whether he was ever criminally investigated.

Attorney David Leightty, who represented Goins, acknowledged that nobody should be "intoxicated when you are on the range. Not a wise thing to do."

But Leightty said no one was hurt and Goins was penalized severely. He also said Goins has no prior similar incidents. 

WDRB News has requested Goins' personnel file under the Open Records Act.

At a pre-termination hearing, Goins admitted to drinking before coming to work, driving after drinking and having alcohol in his system while on the job, according to Conrad's letter.

The letter does not say that Goins was legally drunk while driving. Leightty said he was unaware of any criminal investigation into Goins' actions.

There are no criminal charges against Goins in Jefferson County's court system.

In his letter, Conrad said police are not to operate a department vehicle with "any measurable amount of alcohol" in their system.  

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