Revised "I Quit" film showcasing every contestant who has ever attempted the new MCKAMEY MANOR tours located in Tennessee between 07July17 to 03August19. Legally, anyone desiring to participate in the MM experience called "DESOLATION," must watch this entire movie for their safety, and for the Manors. This movie will explain in great detail what the Manor actual is, and what it is not. Forget the crazy stories, this film will tell the truth to everyone including all future guest. Those partaking in the tour must clearly understand what will happen to each and every one of them. MCKAMEY MANOR will without a doubt, eat your lunch, and take your milk money. You will not defeat the Manor in any way shape or form. The best you can hope for is to personally challenge yourself to see just how long you might last before you say those magical words of "I Quit." Remember, "You Really Don't Want To Do This."