LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Buechel firefighters used cookies and popcorn as tools to teach lifesaving information to the growing refugee population from the Congo.

Firefighters have responded to a number of apartment fires in the Norfolk neighborhood during recent weeks. The Buechel Fire Department says 75 percent of the area is home to a majority of Congolese immigrants. After a September fire, 30 people were left homeless and a number of people even attempted to jump out of windows to escape.

On Tuesday night, firefighters baked cookies and popped popcorn to go over cooking safety tips and the importance of calling 911 immediately.

"What we're seeing from the people that we've talked to is this, in general, is something like they've never seen," said Buechel Fire's public information officer, Jordan Yuodis. "They don't house themselves in apartments or houses like this, they don't use our stoves, they don't use our cleaning supplies, they don't use our washers and dryers, they don't know how to use a lint filter. So we want to teach them all those things."

Translators were available to help during the event.

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