SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bullitt County Sheriff's Deputy George Thurman is being named School Resource Officer of the Year for his work at Bullitt Alternative Center.

The Kentucky Association of School Resource Officers named Thurman the recipientĀ of the award.

Thurman was nominated following a dangerous situation in which he handled at Bullitt Alternative School. Administrators say a student snuck a knife into the building and nearly attacked a group of students, but Thurman stepped in at the right time.

"Those girls could have been stabbed, for sure," Thurman said. "It could have been horrible. I kicked her leg out from under her and let her fall back on top of me, that way I could have control of the knife coming down. Then we disarmed her."

Thurman said he was just doing his job.

"The teachers here know -- the students here know -- I'm here for them always," Thurman said. "They know that."

Bullitt County Superintendent Jesse Bacon knows how critical SRO work is.

"Everything that it is to be a good, positive SRO, Officer Thurman just embodies all of it," said Dr. Bacon.

Bacon said the district is working to meet the requirements of a new law set forth by the state legislature. The law requires an armed SRO at each campus in every district.

That's the plan for Bullitt County.

"It's not just about adding additional security guards and those kind of individuals in our schools," Bacon said. "Those are important, but we want to add the right people that can make those relationships and identify when things seem off."

The district is planning to work with local law enforcement to determine which officers will be in place at each school.

Having officers on site is one thing, but district leaders and Thurman himself said trained officers who have relationships with the students can be the difference between safety and tragedy.

"You would know there's a cop in that building -- there's a cop close," Thurman said.

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