LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two men accused of stealing mail from collection boxes outside the Jeffersontown post office could face federal charges.

Jeffersontown Police arrested 20-year-old Brandon King and 23-year-old Angel Martin in the early morning hours of June 8. Both men are being held at Louisville Metro Corrections on local charges, including mail theft, criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. 

Police said Martin intentionally rammed a police vehicle while trying to get away from officers, which is a concern for the assistant county attorney.

"Our position is that, certainly, this presents a risk of flight and risk of danger to the community if there's allegations of fleeing from police officers and ramming into their car," Assistant Jefferson County Attorney Kristin Southard said.

In court Thursday, the judge set a $25,000 cash bond for both men. According to court records, neither man is from Kentucky and both have been staying in hotels and driving vehicles rented in other people's names.

The U.S. Postal Inspector's Office plans to file federal charges because U.S. mail was stolen, which is a federal offense. 

Surveillance video provided by the Jeffersontown Police Department appears to show a silver Toyota Corolla pull up to the blue public collection boxes at the Jeffersontown U.S. Post Office branch. Moments later, a man in a mask and a hoodie gets out of the car, unlocks the side of the collection box, and grab several armfuls of packages, tossing them through the open back window of the car. He then appears to lock the collection box again and get back into the vehicle before it drives away.

Police said King somehow had the key — an arrow key that are issued to postal employees — that opens the boxes and he used that to gain easy access to the mail. 

"We’re still working to figure out how they got the arrow keys that belongs to the box," said Det. Mike Lauder with the Jeffersontown Police Department. "Checks that were mailed, they’re subsequently being forged and then cashed. A lot of times at an out-of-town bank."

Police were already looking for the car the two were in when they were arrested because it was connected to other mail thefts last month and this month.

When officers spotted the pair in the Toyota Corolla around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, they tried to stop it, but the two took off. Police said the driver — Martin — intentionally hit a marked police car. He tried to run once the vehicle stopped, but a police K-9 helped track him down.

Police said the vehicle and suspects were already under investigation for stealing mail from blue collection boxes in both Louisville and Jeffersontown. When police searched the vehicle, they allegedly found "a very large amount" of mail that had been stolen just before they were caught.  

A detective also found several altered checks, according to the arrest reports.

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