Exploring paranormal activity at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --In the fall, E.P. Tom Sawyer Park is full. People jogging, watching the dogs play, and practicing their aim on the archery range. Unless they look at markers in the midst of their exercise and fun, the people who use the park may not realize a lot of the activity happening there is paranormal.

"It's very haunted," paranormal investigator, Beth Pinotti said.

Spirits, voices, and stories that seem to have been cut short are allegedly being told to those still walking the earth.

"It startled me. My heart was racing," said investigator, Lesla Settle.

A lot has happened on the park grounds. Native Americans used it for hunting and trapping. A man named Issac Height had a home that used be there, before he was killed.

"At the edge of 41, he was attacked by Native Americans and later died from his injuries," explained Nick Price from Tom Sawyer Park.

Then, there's the Lakeland Asylum.

"It was built for 16 hundred people and at one time actually housed around 24 hundred," Price said.

It was open from 1873 to 1986.

During the 113 years in operation, many patients checked in, but never checked out.

5 thousand bodies are still there in unmarked graves.

It's the same people who SERIOUS paranormal investigators say have unfinished business and often take it up with the living.

"At the Cave especially, we get a lot of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)," said Settle.

Lesla Settle and Beth Pinotti have machines that use radio waves to connect.

One spirit used Lesla's name, not far from a cave spray painted with words warning of sin and Satan. Another voice has been picked up all over the park. It sounds like a child's voice crying "mommy."

The investigators say if you believe urban legend about what happened to some of the women held at Lakeland, it makes sense.

"If they were pregnant, they came down here and went back to the hospital with or without the baby," explained Settle.

The investigators say they also have photographic proof about the spirits floating around.

Lesla says in one picture you see her son, and in the left hand corner, the face of a child.

"I am not computer savvy, so there is no touching of this picture," she added.

Still saying "get real?" Investigators say they welcome skeptics, but they also ask that you not question the spirits.

"Pay respect to them when you're out here. Don't come out here and be disrespectful because something will follow you home," Settle said.

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