LMPD school resource officer arrested for assaulting two 13-year-olds

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A former LMPD school resource officer has been indicted by a grand jury on multiple charges, including assault.

Jonathan Hardin was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on one count of assault, one count of wanton endangerment and one count of official misconduct. The indictment stems from an accusation that

Hardin assaulted a student on January 27

, while working as a school resource officer at Olmsted Academy North Middle School.

Hardin is accused of using an unauthorized "choke hold" on a 13-year-old. The teen went unconscious as a result. A complaint states that after the teen regained consciousness, Hardin then handcuffed the juvenile.

Hardin was also accused of pushing a 13-year-old male student on January 22 and then punching the teen on belief he had cut a lunch line, according to a police citation. Hardin then filed charges against the teen for menacing and resisting arrest, "based on facts he knew to be false," says a criminal complaint.

Hardin was suspended without pay by LMPD Chief Steve Conrad following the accusations before he was fired on March 20.


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