LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --The place we know as home is called many things, the Derby City, the Possibility City, the River city, but there's only one name. The only problem is, there's at least five different ways to say it.

Politicians say it one way, Carrie Underwood and the Get Down Click say it the other, and t-shirts and signs make it seem like it's all alright.

Obviously people are conflicted even if they've lived in Louisville for a long time. To get the right answers, you may not need to look any further for the correct one than the King Louis statue at the corner of 6th and Jefferson.

"It would be 'Looeyville' because we named ourselves,after King Louis the 16th. He helped us during the American Revolutionary War, and that's why you see the fleur-de-lis around too," said Rose Caple of the Louisville Tourist Center.

If you don't buy that answer, then we went to a person who is an expert in how people to say things, U of L Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Elizabeth Patton.

Do you want to sound like an insider or an outsider?" Patton asked.

Below are Patton's answers to each of the ways Louisville is pronounced:


LOUIS-VILLE: "Oh definitely wrong."

LOO-A-VUL: "Yes."


But, why do people say it differently? It all has to do with who they are, and often where they're from.

So the next time the Lou-a-vul, Looeyville, and Lou-a-ville debate comes up, you can tell whoever the way the name of the city is properly pronounced.

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