FORT KNOX, Ky. (WDRB) -- Have you heard loud booms coming from Fort Knox? 

The Kentucky National Guard is training this week for potential future missions with a cannon system, called M109 Alpha 6 Palliated Howitzer.

"When these M109 Alpha 6 go off, they make quite a boom," said Lt. Col. Michael Woodson, commander of the 2nd 138th Field Artillery Battalion of the Kentucky National Guard. "I would tell the people around here, 'Don't be worried.' We're just training and maintaining our high level readiness."

The Kentucky National Guard participates in live fire exercises a few times a year.

"It can go out miles and miles to hit a target," Woodson said.

One round out of the cannon weighs about 95 pounds.

"You have your powder, your propellant and then your fuse," Capt. Dakota Rasche said. "All three of these rounds serve a different purpose."

Cannons aren't making the only noise. Rockets were five minutes away.

According to a spokesperson with Fort Knox, days with less cloud cover can help limit noise and vibrations felt outside of Fort Knox.

"The targets are in an impact area," Woodson said. "All the bullets are landing safe. It's not landing in anyone's back yards or anything."

When these men and women aren't training, they're working normal 9-5 jobs in Kentucky.

"We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, everything else," Woodson said. "I'm an IT guy."

This is their second family, training year-round in case they need to protect yours.

"To do what we do, it's awesome," Woodson said. "You'll get to see the pallet and the raw force and power of the system itself. and Aust being here with my fellow soldiers here that are Americans here, to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, it's just a great feeling."

The Kentucky National Guard is wrapping up training this weekend and will leave Fort Knox, but several branches of the military train at Fort Knox year-round. So, more noise is always possible. 

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