Alan and Aimee Friz

Alan and Aimee Friz (Source: Fox 59)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Indiana dentist and his wife convicted of neglect of a dependent will not serve time in prison, despite evidence that they locked their daughter in a cage.  

That's according to a report by Fox 59.

The station reported that Alan and Aimee Friz were arrested in Oct. 2017. Authorities were sent to their Dubois County home after someone reported that a "juvenile that was out of control." They interviewed the girl with assistance from the prosecutor's office.

Police received a search warrant for the home, and found a closet area of a bedroom that was converted into a lockable cage.

Police said the couple locked their daughter inside the cage at night and possibly at other times. According to court documents, they withheld food, water and sanitary facilities from her while she was locked up.

Alan Friz was charged with 11 counts of criminal confinement, 11 counts of neglect, and four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. Aimee Friz was charged with 11 counts of criminal confinement and 11 counts of neglect. All charges were felonies.

The couple was supposed to be tried in Dubois County, but they argued they wouldn't get a fair trial there. The case was then moved to Crawford County.

Their trial was scheduled for March, but the case was settled in Crawford Circuit Court on Feb. 21 with a plea agreement.

All charges were dismissed except two counts of neglect of a dependent, with the convictions changed from Level 6 felonies to Class A misdemeanors.

They were sentenced to two years of probation. The first year is to be supervised probation, and the remaining time is unsupervised probation.

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