JCPS custodian cleans door at Byck Elementary

Pictured: a JCPS custodian deep cleaning inside Byck Elementary in Louisville, Ky., on March 12, 2021. In-person classes are scheduled to resume on March 17.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky's largest school district returns to in-person learning Wednesday, and there's still a lot to do before students in the Jefferson County Public Schools district enter their classrooms for the first time in over a year. 

Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade will return to class Wednesday, and the rest of elementary students will be back Thursday. Before that happens, there will be plenty of planning and training, and lots and lots of cleaning. That's the focus at all JCPS schools like Byck Elementary on Cedar Street, where custodians spent the day deep cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. 

Moving forward, it will be standard procedure for custodial staff to clean all areas of the building frequently throughout each day during school, and then again after students leave. 

One of the biggest changes made for JCPS is how air is filtered and moved through classrooms. James Jones, a mechanical maintenance specialist for JCPS, says they're stepping up the number of air changes. 

"In classrooms we do six air changes an hour, but we go higher than that," Jones said. "It's actually based -- the air handling in this room will turn over air faster and more in an hour, because it's such a big space you put a bigger air handler in. But it's really determined by how much flow you're putting into the room."

JCPS will also begin to offer rapid COVID testing for students, staff and parents beginning on March 15, but appointments are needed. CLICK HERE for a complete list of locations. 

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