LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As Jefferson County Public Schools get ready to wrap up the 2020-21 school year, Superintendent Marty Pollio says this academic year has been both challenging and inspirational. 

"Under very difficult circumstances I'm very proud of the year we had, too," Pollio told WDRB News on Friday. 

A vast majority of the school year was spent online with NTI. In March, elementary students returned on a hybrid schedule. Middle and high school students returned in April. Social distancing and masks have remained part of the school year.

"I don't think school, for a while, is ever going to look the same," said Pollio. "I think living with COVID is a reality we're going to be dealing with at least for the next academic school year as well."

However, he is hopeful that students will return to a much more typical school schedule in the fall. 

"We fully anticipate and believe it will be five days a week, all students in person so it would be a much more normal schedule. We're still waiting on guidance around masks and social distancing and things like that," Pollio said.

Pollio said the district also plans to be part of the vaccination process, once vaccines are available for children under 12. 

Pollio said the most challenging part of this school year has been navigating all the uncertainties. 

"When I look back, missed school in-person is something that's very challenging for us and every day that we weren't able to connect with kids obviously is something that bothered me," he said. 

Pollio said something positive that came from this school year was the expanded use of technology for students and teachers. JCPS is offering a virtual option for grades six through 12 next year. Students must fill out the application by June 4. 

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