Pegasus Parade

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Derby Festival organizers are working on their contingency plans if and when the weather might impact the rest of the festivities planned this week.

KDF already made changes for the Great Steamboat Race on Wednesday evening because of high water. The boats originally planned to pick up VIPs along the route, but they won't be able to stop and pull over this year, because the water is so high, KDF Vice President of Communications Aimee Boyd said.

“The festival has been doing outdoor events for 64 years now,” Boyd said. “So we’ve kind of gotten used to the fact that we can’t control Mother Nature. So we will work around it, work with it, work in it. Whatever we need to do to pull our events off.”

There are concerts planned for the rest of the week, and there are backup plans for those as well. If there is severe weather in the area, then the concerts will be delayed.

“Our goal is not to cancel any of the events,” Boyd said. “We put them on once a year, and we want everyone to come out and enjoy them. But we can delay them if needed if there’s severe weather in the area.”

That will be the plan for the Pegasus Parade if weather gets dicey Thursday. KDF can delay the parade in half-hour increments before making a call to cancel entirely. Other than lightning or severe storms, KDF organizers will be watching for high winds.

“When they start getting 15- to 20-mile per hour wind gusts, that can affect what they can do down the route,” Boyd said. “Once they get over 20, we may not be able to get them all the way down the route.”

The KDF app will provide alerts if any events are delayed or canceled. Anyone can also sign up for the Metro Louisville LensAlert program, which has an option for Derby-specific alerts.

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