LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Investigators with the Graves County, Kentucky, sheriff's department discovered a theft ring in Mississippi while tracking down a stolen ATV. 

The investigation started Monday morning. That's when Shane Moore, who recently moved to Graves County, discovered his $20,000 side-by-side ATV had been stolen from his residence while he was eating at a restaurant. 

"I came outside, I went to McDonalds," Moore said, "and when I came back I noticed my trailer and my side-by-side were stolen." 

Moore called the Graves County Sheriff's Department. Investigators used video from Moore's surveillance cameras and a tracking device on the ATV to track it down. They found it and returned it to Moore within a day. 

"I was extremely happy and excited," Moore said. "You know it was less than 24 hours, and they had recovered it and delivered it back to me here."

Moore's ATV wasn't the only stolen vehicle recovered -- police recovered ATVs reported stolen from Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee.  

According to a post on the Graves County Sheriff Department's Facebook page, investigators used the tracking device to zero in on "a large conglomeration of buildings (according to GPS data) in the Olive Branch, Mississippi area which is approximately 3 hours south of Mayfield."

Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden and Det. Snapper Seaton went to Olive Branch Mississippi and requested assistance from local police. Around 3:30, they found Moore's ATV and trailer, along with nine other stolen ATVs, each worth about $20,000. 

Two automobiles were also recovered that had been stolen from the Memphis area. Initially, about 20 to 25 people were detained by police, but only one arrest has been made. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

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