Guests wearing masks at KY Kingdom

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Kingdom is defending its COVID-19 safety measures after a picture on social media appears to show a crowded wave pool.

WDRB does not have permission to use the photo, but the amusement park has seen the picture. It is not known who took the photo, or when it was taken, but there appears to be an employee in the photo wearing a mask.

Jessi O'Daniel, a Kentucky Kingdom spokeswoman, says it's hard to tell by the angle of the photo, but that, "I kid you not, families come in sometimes 10 deep, but they are indeed a family unit, and they are indeed together, in which case it's very hard from a photo to determine who is together and who is not."

Kentucky Kingdom says on average, 4,000 people visit the park each day. That's about a fourth of the crowds compared to this time last year.

"When it comes to our attendance, we have 606,000 square feet spread across 63 acres," O'Daniel said. "Based on our current average daily attendance, that is well over 150 square feet per person or family unit. Or said another way, less than 200 people or family units per acre. That is roughly 25 percent of our capacity."

The park isn't running full trains or roller coasters to insure social distancing. Masks are required entering the park, but are not required at the pool.

"We are well under the required capacity by both the CDC and local health officials in the Louisville area for the wave pool and we monitor constantly the people in the pool," O'Daniel said.

The park says it also resets furniture each night at the water park to help with social distancing.

"In regards to social distance monitoring, all of our team members -- 1,400 team members -- are encouraging our guests to social distance," O'Daniel said.

"We have up to 60 team members stationed or patrolling throughout the park specifically assigned to encourage and enforce social distancing," she added. "These team members are stationed at our more popular attractions, including the Big Surf wave pool in the picture you sent me. We have personnel on our Public Safety team at the ready to handle any guest who will not comply with our park policies, including social distancing." 

"These measures are above and beyond temperature checks for both guests and team members, masks required to enter the park as well as indoor locations within the park, and all of our team members wearing masks."

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