LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB NEWS) -- For one Louisville nonprofit organization, a vision to transform communities will start with transforming an old school bus into a roving community center.

Last year, Stachelle Bussey started The Hope Buss to provide free rides to grocery stores for people who live in food deserts. 

"It started as a grocery store run but more than it was creating access, bridging the gap of access," Bussey said.

Those rides to the grocery store turned into food distribution programs and events to feed entire neighborhoods. Now the non-profit is taking The Hope Buss to the next level.

The bus will soon bring fresh food to neighborhoods across the city on set days of the week.

"I don't want people to come to me, then I'm like everybody else," Bussey said. "I want to take straight to the people. I want to put it at their front doors."

The bus will also provide health screenings, mental health counseling, and other resources.

"It's going to be a mobile community center ... that's my vision," Bussey said.

Bussey purchased an old school bus to make it happen, but she's got a long way to go.

"There's tons of work to be done," she said. 

Bussey is looking for people to help make her vision a reality.

"We need to enlist hope dealers," she said. "What I really want people to hear is that this is not my work alone, this is not my bus alone. This bus belongs to every community in the city of Louisville."

She's looking for monthly donors to sign up and make a commitment to the cause.

"If you give $5, if you give $25, it is still a way for you to commit to change," Bussey said.

She also hopes people will choose to get involved with the organization beyond a donation. She's searching for people who believe in her mission to create real change.

"For people who are radical about seeing a difference in our community, seeing a healing our community, seeing the violence stop in our community, start chipping away at the poverty in our community," Bussey said. "Start looking for ways to bridge the gap."

To learn more about The Hope Buss or sign up to donate or volunteer, click here.

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