Bridget Skaggs

Bridget Skaggs (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville woman has been arrested after police say she was involved in a plot to rob and kidnap a man she met on an online dating site.

Bridget Skaggs, 38, was arrested Friday morning.

According to an arrest report, the investigation began this morning, when a man walked into the firehouse near the corner of Dixie Highway and Pendleton Road, claiming that he'd been kidnapped.

Police said he told them it started when he met Skaggs online on a dating app. The pair agreed to meet in person at a nearby McDonald's, and from there, they decided to drive to Biff's Motel on Dixie Highway, near Pendleton Road, to "hook up."

When Skaggs and the victim walked into the hotel room, police said two accomplices — one man and one woman — shoved the victim against the wall. They then tied his hands together, according to police, and the male suspect told the victim that if he didn't get into a vehicle with them, he would be shot.

Police said the victim was then punched in the face and placed into the vehicle against his will.

The suspects then drove the victim to his home and forced their way in. While inside, they stole his gun and cellphone, according to the arrest report.

After questioning the victim, police made their way to Biff's Motel and knocked on the door of the motel room Skaggs and the victim had visited. Skaggs answered the door, but according to police, she "appeared nervous" and kept glancing behind her. She eventually let officers enter the room.

Inside, police said they found "a large amount of needles" as well as suspected heroin. According to the arrest report, there was also a box of .25 caliber pistol rounds, which was the same caliber of firearm as the one that was stolen from the victim's home.

Police said the bathroom window was open, and because it had been snowing, police could see footprints trailing away from the window. According to the arrest report, police believe the footprints were caused by the two accomplices fleeing the scene when officers arrived.

Skaggs was confronted about the allegations, and according to police, she admitted that she had only known the victim for a few days, and that he had been beaten up.

She was arrested and charged with complicity to kidnapping, complicity to first-degree burglary, complicity to first-degree robbery, complicity to first-degree terroristic threatening and complicity to first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin). She is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

It's not clear if the other two suspects are in custody.

Dr. Adrian Lauf, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Louisville, said there is often is too much trust from the start in online dating experiences. He said it can often lead to dangerous situations if one person has bad intentions.

"While (trust) is wonderful in a societal context, it is also what people are happy to exploit, especially when things of sexual nature are involved the guard is even easier to let down," he said.

Lauf said to do your research on the other person when online dating. He advises to always meet in public and always verify any information that is exchanged. It's also wise to always let other people know where you're planning to be.

When online dating, he said to listen to your instincts to avoid dangerous situations like these.

"If you cannot satisfy that particular small warning that you may have in your mind," Lauf said. "It may not be wise to follow through."

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