LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's not quite Whoville, but in a town not far from "Lou-ville," outside the Earl, there's an angry green creature whose fingers curl.

You might be expecting to hear he hates Christmas a lot, but this Grinch does not. That was Dr. Seuss's take, this Grinch thinks that was a bit of a mistake. It's true, this Grinch is anew.

"I'm not the Grinch at heart," the costumed Louisville man, who wishes to remain incognito, said. "I'm a good person. I love making people laugh and smile."

He listened to his kids, who told him to get rid of who the character used to be, and instead turn to a social media party.

It's called TikTok, and the Grinch is on there a lot.

"It blew all the way up," he said.

His views are sky high from all the Whos that stop by. As he jams with a sweeper, that apparently is quite the keeper.

"Every time I do a video without it, it's like 'where's the vacuum cleaner?' Louisville's Grinch explained about his fans. "That's why I dance everywhere with a vacuum cleaner."

The Grinch has sponsors, you see, from Target, Hoover, and the Dirt Devil factory. In fact, he's so popular, people honk, woo, and wee.

"It's amazing," said Alexandra Dean. "He's the TikTok Grinch!"

"I need to get a picture, my daughter is going to love this," added Rachel Engle.

Now comes the dark part of the story, where he says an internet troll just tried to steal all of the glory.

"They stole my content, and put it up, and I reported them," he explained. "They (TikTok) end up taking my content down."

Out-Grinching the Grinch will be no cinch.

"I had to reach out to TikTok and do the copyright thing, the legal thing," he said.

He's determined to get his page back, for users trying to cope with the lack. Then, back he'll be delighting his kids, TikTok, you, and me.

You can find Louisville's Grinch on social media at: @thegrinchofficial.

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