(FOX NEWS) -- An Ohio state trooper is being credited with saving a choking man who swallowed a bag of illegal marijuana during a traffic stop. 

"Don’t try to swallow a bag of drugs prior to getting pulled over in an attempt to keep a trooper from finding them. Luckily, Tpr. Hoskin from our Ravenna Post was alert and able to assist the man who was choking on a bag of illegal marijuana," the Ohio State Patrol’s official Twitter account wrote on Thursday, accompanied by footage of the scene. 

The video shows Trooper Charles Hoskin approaching 24-year-old Stephan R. Elash during a traffic stop. Hoskin is seen asking Elash if he is okay as the 24-year-old gets out of the vehicle and is choking. 

"What did you swallow?" Hoskin asks Elash after the bag of marijuana is dislodged from his throat.

"A gram of weed, officer. I’m sorry," Elash responds.

Hoskin tells the man that an ambulance is coming to the scene to "make sure everything is good."

"I’m sorry," Elash says again.

"I know … [It’s] a minor misdemeanor. You want to die over a minor misdemeanor?" the officer asks, eliciting Elash to say, "No."

Elash was initially pulled over for going 94 miles per hour in a 70 miles per hour zone. He was cited for speeding and failing to wear a seatbelt. He also received a misdemeanor summons for marijuana possession.

The incident comes after a rookie officer saved a choking baby in Arkansas in a scene that was also caught on camera. 

"We were trying to give Grady his medicine … and he was taking them just fine," Joe Chronister, the baby’s father, told "Fox & Friends" in June. "Right towards the end, he started choking."

Officer Cody Hubbard responded to the scene and was able to dislodge the medicine from his throat.

"It was life-changing," Hubbard said of the incident.

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