LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In a move that signals a shift in strategy vaccinating Kentuckians against COVID-19, the mass vaccination site at Cardinal Stadium is shutting down. 

It opened April 12 as the largest mass vaccination site in Kentucky, at first operating at near-capacity, with about 4,000 people a day showing up to get a shot.

The numbers have been trending downward since then, to less than 200 a day. Still, more than 30,000 people were vaccinated there -- and UofL Health's Dr. Hugh Shoff considers that a success.

"It's an amazing thing," he said. "We did it safely ... it was easy, it was quick. We met everything we wanted to do from a sense of operations out here, and it is a success to me." 

Now, it's on to the next phase: getting the vaccine out to the community, neighborhood by neighborhood, making it more convenient in an effort to overcome the remaining vaccine hesitancy.

"We see a little bit more of an uptick in those patients that might be on the fence, or might be unknown if they're really going to do it or not," Shoff said. "And if you present it to them right there, they'll say, 'sure we'll take it.' So as we move it more into the community, now is the chance to make it easier for people -- maybe at their physician's office or urgent cares."  

Schoff says UofL Health will continue to work with JCPS to hold vaccine clinics at schools heading into the fall. 

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