(FOX NEWS) -- One fisherman reeled in quite a bit more than he bargained for.

Borja Campos, 26, was spear-fishing with a friend off the coast of El Hierro in the Canary Islands when he caught a grouper that weighed more than 57 pounds (26kg) on Nov. 9.

Campos and his friend Oscar Fleitos, 22, were on a camping trip and decided to fish. But after about four hours without catching anything, they almost gave up.

That’s when Campos saw a slightly smaller, 13-pound grouper that swam into a cave, he told SWNS.

"Just before I got out, I spotted a small grouper heading into a cave, so I thought I’d follow it,” Campos said.

“That was when I saw a second grouper come from nowhere and follow it into the cave -- and my heart started beating really fast when I realized how big it was."

According to SWNS, Campos swam almost 60 feet (18m) below the surface of the water when he saw the fish and pointed a flashlight at it.

57 pound grouper 11-21-20.JPG

Borja Campos, 26, spotted this huge fish in a cave while trying to chase after a smaller fish. (SWNS)

“The fish was staring straight back at me, and I couldn’t believe it when I managed to catch that precious 26kg grouper,” Campos said.

He added that internally, he was “screaming with happiness” when he saw the fish.

Fleitos filmed the moment Campos brought the fish above water.

grouper caught 11-21-20.JPG

Campos had been fishing for four hours without catching anything before he spotted the 57-pound grouper. (SWNS)

“Oscar started filming me as I brought it to the surface because he couldn’t believe how big it was either,” Campos said. “It was a wonderful day.”

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