LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a parent's nightmare: two newborns were swapped at Norton Women's and Children's Hospital just days after they were born, and members of one of the families say they are still looking for answers from the hospital.

The incident happened in December and they've been reeling ever since. The nurses brought the wrong baby into their room two days after their daughter was born. They reached out to the hospital several times even sent a letter.

They say they just want someone to acknowledge that the nurses made a mistake.

Like any typical 9-month-old, Georgia loves to play in the living room.

"She's really happy all the time," said Ashley State, her mom. "She loves sweet potatoes and anything that I'm eating." 

But her coming into this world was anything but typical.

"She's wonderful, she's perfect, she's one of the only two things in the world that matter," said her dad, Kevin.

She was born Dec. 21, 2021.

Shortly after her birth, doctors and nurses took Georgia away to perform tests to make sure she was healthy. She was gone for about two hours.

"They open the door, hits your eyes, wakes you up and say, 'hey we're back! Here's your baby!'" said Kevin.  "And we're like, 'Yeah okay, 'and I hop up and Ashley hops up and they roll her in, and they walk out."

Two days into parenthood came a scare they still can't shake.

"I pick up the baby, and she's crying and just so upset and hoarse," said Kevin. "I pick her up and I start bouncing her. I said, 'Shhh! It's okay! It's okay!' and I kiss her on the forehead, and Ashley said there's something wrong. 'What's wrong?' I said, 'I don't know' and then the door just bursts open and we hear, 'Wrong baby, wrong baby!'"

Ashley continues the story.

"And I looked at Kevin and I said, 'Where's our baby?' My jaw was on the floor. We didn't know what to do."

A different baby was brought into their room.

"I was about to go out and look for her when they came in with her and they wouldn't tell us where she had been what happened," said Ashley.

The next morning, the director of women's services came in, but they say they still weren't getting the answers they were looking for.

In the months after, they've called her twice, talked to another doctor who said he'd get in touch with her and wrote a letter to the risk manager.

They never heard back.

Norton sent us a statement saying:

"On Dec 23, two infants were mistakenly brought from the newborn nursery to the incorrect parents. Following the established protocols, when the ankle bands of the infants were verified against the wristbands of the parents, the mistake was quickly corrected. We took this incident seriously, and immediately instituted an additional verification step to further ensure the safety and privacy of our infants and patients."

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