LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Black militia group says it will return to Louisville next month during the 146th Kentucky Derby.

The group known as the NFAC, which stands for "Not F***ing Around Coalition," was in the city last month protesting injustice in the Breonna Taylor case and demanding the truth.

Standing on the steps of Metro Hall, the NFAC's leader, Grand Master Jay, said if Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron didn't complete the investigation into Taylor's death in four weeks, the city would burn.

That was on July 25, making the deadline from the group this Saturday, Aug. 22.

Now, Jay said the group will return to Louisville on Sept. 5, the same day as the rescheduled Kentucky Derby.

In a YouTube video posted Monday, Jay said he would be coming after the Derby, which is a moneymaker for the city.

"Which has the eyes of the world on you, and I'm pretty sure since you don't seem to respond too well to the ballot box, you will respond to the cash box. Because all the money that you would lose by having the Kentucky Derby unfortunately interrupted because of the presence of the NFAC, which would probably scare away most of the patrons, that is not something anyone wants to see or anyone wants to get into," Jay said in the video.

WDRB News has reached out to the Louisville Metro Police Department about whether or not the department has talked with the group about their protest plans, but have yet to hear back.

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