RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Radcliff tax preparer said he is receiving death threats over a sign posted outside of his business that reads, in part: "Homosexual marriage is not recognized."

At Aries Tax Service, a sign out front lists some things potential customers will need if they want to file their taxes there, like a photo ID and a W-2. The final item on the list reads: "Homosexual marriage is not recognized."

"I refuse to recognize homosexual marriage," said owner Kenneth Randall. "I find it morally offensive. I am within my rights under Kentucky law to refuse that."

Randall, who has been in business for 33 years, said the sign has been up for 10 years, but has recently received attention on Facebook.

"I've already had one death threat so far. Lots of vulgar voicemail messages. Lots of threatening posts online," he said. "I've done tax returns for other people who happen to be homosexual, but they were single, and I had no problem doing that."

The Fairness Campaign called out the sign, saying it underscores the need for a statewide Fairness Law.

"Public accommodations are the one area where we absolutely do not have protections for LGBT people at the state or national level, and in most places at the local level," said Chris Hartman, executive director of the Fairness Campaign.

Twenty-one Kentucky communities, including Louisville, have adopted one.

"Without a Fairness Ordinance, Radcliff is sending the message that this type of discriminatory behavior by a business owner in their community is perfectly acceptable," said Hartman. "I hope that Radcliff will be the next Kentucky city that we see join the list of Fairness Ordinances."

Meanwhile, Randall told WDRB News he plans to press charges against those sending death threats.

"I consider tolerance to be a two-way street, and I don't see any coming from the other side. This is all part of what you might call the cancel culture," said Randall. "If anyone doesn't agree 100%, you've got a bunch of people out here trying to destroy the person, and that's what's happening to me."

The Radcliff City Council has not proposed a Fairness Ordinance. The city's mayor said he would make a comment at a later date.

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