The story behind Jennifer Lawrence's "Hometown Hero" banner

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --She's everywhere-- awards shows, the red carpet and of course the big screen. 

Now,  Hollywood's "it girl" can always be at home too.

Jennifer Lawrence's "Hometown Hero" banner was revealed on the west side of the Kentucky Center Saturday morning.

It joins a number of other Louisville greats including "the greatest," and "the Colonel." 

At this point, you might have seen the 30' x 40' "Jennifer's Louisville" banner, but you might be surprised to learn how it got there. 

A group of North Oldham Middle and High School students have dubbed themselves "Lawrence's Ladies."

"I just think she's really an inspiration because I like acting too," Claire Butler said.

They all are huge "J-Law" fans.

"She's okay to be herself and just show that she has flaws but that's okay," said 8th grader, Zoe Kuhn.

A couple years back, Kuhn wondered why Lawrence's face wasn't on a downtown building like every other homegrown celebrity.

"So many people in Louisville feel so proud to have someone that's a huge star like that from our city," she explained.

So, before Kuhn was even a teenager, she figured out how to make it happen. 

The first step was to talk to the city and figure out a price.

"I was thinking, well it's just a poster how much could that actually be?" she said.

How about $10,000? Kuhn needed backup. 

She found it with her friends. Instead of doing homework, a lot of times the girls were trying to figure out how to get the cash needed. 

 "I didn't know how far this was going to go. I didn't know if we were actually going to get there," Butler told WDRB.

But they went for it-- starting a GoFundMe page, a website, and then using that share button on every possible form of social media.

"It got all over the country just from people's mutual friends," said Kuhn.

Their efforts paid off.

"We worked so hard for it, and I think it's just really cool," Butler said.

"J Law" herself couldn't agree more saying quote,"Louisville gave me a perspective and informed my identity in a beautiful and honest way. I'm grateful for this honor and extremely humbled to join this list. (I mean, Muhammad Ali?) Thank you. Go Cards." 

The ultimate Card honored in a huge way, thanks to a group of North Oldham Middle and High Mustangs that didn't let money stand in their way.

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