University of Louisville (U of L) campus

University of Louisville campus

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some University of Louisville scholars believe racism is a public health problem. 

Craig Blakely, the dean of the U of L School of Public Health and Information Sciences, held a virtual forum Wednesday to explain why.

Those taking part said the definition of public health alone explains their stance. They say public health looks at preventing illness, suffering, and death --  and that racism embedded in our society can cause all of those things.

"Right here in the River City, the largely African American pool of residents in west Louisville live, on average, 12 years less than those of us in the rest of the city," Blakely said. "I struggle to come up with a more embarrassing statistic."

During the forum, it was also suggested that anti-racism needs to be at the foundation of higher education.

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