Unorthodox candidate with unorthodox name wants your vote for Ky governor

RICHMOND, Ky. (WDRB) -- Most Kentuckians have heard of the major candidates for governor of Kentucky: Matt Bevin, Jack Conway, and maybe even independent Drew Curtis.

There’s also a candidate you've not heard of, but will never forget.

He's legally filed to run for governor as a write-in candidate, and he makes no apologies for his name: Blackii Effing Whyte.

That's his legal name and, like Whyte himself, it pushes the envelope.

"I have put it out there to say, 'I can say this.' And maybe it's going to offend some people, but we're to a point now where we're so scared of offending anybody that we can't say anything," Whyte told WDRB News.

It's a name Whyte hopes Kentuckians remember when they're voting for governor.

As to how he classifies himself, politically, Whyte doesn't fit into one single category.

"I really kind of thought that I was a right-leaning, libertarian, kind of conservative sort of person," said Whyte. "But I'm not sure."

Whyte plans to travel to all 120 counties in his campaign bus, which is also where he lives.

"I think it's important not to have your leaders up there in some ivory tower somewhere," he said as he answered mail on a cluttered table.

It's also the tour bus for Whyte's band, the Reefer Kings. So it's no surprise that his top priority is decriminalizing marijuana.

"And I want to go right to the cell and say, 'What are you in there for?'" he said. "They'll say 'pot.' I'll say 'Not. You're out. What are you in there for?' 'Pot.' 'Not. You're out.'"

Whyte admits he's spent a few days in jail for himself for DUI.

"I'm probably not any worse than a lot of people. And there are people already in office that's got worse records than me," he said.

Whyte says he'll raise campaign funds by selling t-shirts.

"Do not say the phrase 'Vote for Blackii Whyte, or elect Blackii Whyte.' Just say, 'I bet on him. I bet he'll do good,'" he said as he read the phrase on the back of one shirt.

Whyte has written his own campaign theme song titled, "The Race of a Dark Horse."

It's an unorthodox campaign for an unorthodox man.

"People say, 'What are your odds of getting in?' and I said, 'Somewhere between zero and a miracle,'" Whyte laughs.

Whyte says he'll hit the campaign trail next week, as soon as his bus is repaired.

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